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Saturday, 17 September 2011


Myself & Eamonn arriving at the summer picnic in The Phoenix Park

This is a print A3 size of an original painting that was bought by a horror movie director in New York
'Claude Arundale' by Rainey J Dillon (signed print A3 size in webshop now )

'' Dolly Daydream'' Steampunk Romantica pendant by Rainey J Dillon
''Off with her Head'' original painting with added mixed media

''John Clement'' Original illustration pencil pen charcoal by Rainey J Dillon

Hi there fellow bloggers...long time no see! Well without doubt I've been neglecting my blog for far too long. I can only put it down to two & play. Lots of commission work has been rolling in thankfully and since I am the quintessential dillydallier my tardy approach has only got me to the top of the pile now. I've loaded up some new paintings, illustrations & steampunk pendants onto my website The Josie Baggley Company & signed A3 sizelimited edition prints are also now available -just sayin' :)

~*PLAY...oh yes play...what a grand time I've been having this year so far. Myself & my paramour Eamonn have been living-up the Dublin jazz scene , have taken a wonderful holiday in France organised and run Temple of Rock and are on the cusp of the return of The Ferocious Mingle Market. We've spent the summer imbibing ginger beer & ruby wines , indulging in home made icecream ,cakes & pies, cycled all around the city, partook in art exhibitions,enjoyed concerts, shows & gigs -some of which Eamonn played in and luxuriated in doing absolutely nothing of task or toil whilst in Dinan, France. Long may it last....

oh and by the way EVERYONE who left a comment on my last post will receive a little something in the post...just send me your address details

Rainey Jx


Jo Archer said...

Oh, you look absolutely gorgeous. What a stylish pair, that must have been one cool picnic.

Love the paintings, especially "off with her head". Just about to paint our sitting room in a lovely blue/grey and that would fit right in.

It's so nice to see you happy and having such a good time. Lots of love. x

Rainey J. Dillon said...

Hi Jo! thanks! yes it was a nice day alright & I've yep never been happier :).
So is it Farrow & Ball's 'blue' that you've chosen? I wonder hmmmm
I'll send you a thing could be any thing in the post ...but I've lost your new address so email me on FB
lots of love back x

Plumrose Lane said...

Well now, you're a sweet one aren't you?! I'm just happy to hear you've been mixing that work with some play ~ that's the stuff which life should be made of! You and Eamonn are just TOO lovely for words!!

Debrina said...

Oh you both look so dapper! Lovely legs there, Miss Baggley...not many of us can get away with wearing white stockings!!
Your artwork, as always, is fantastical!

Anonymous said...

hello my lovely friend -- how gorgeous you look in your pretty dress. you two are gorgeous together!

lovelove your new paintings and i'm with jo, feeling quite drawn to "off with her head" as well (ironically we're painting our dining room blue-gray in the coming weeks and i thought the very same thing).

speaking of "things" i have something for you, but i'm crap at keeping addresses so could you please email or facebook me your address? i have a small stack of the vintage star wallpaper for you as i'm sure your stash is running out if it has not already.


Samantha Marshall said...

What a great photo of you both!!
Loving the paintings!