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Sunday 27 June 2010

So sorry I'm LATE ..Mad Late in fact...A Cuppa Steampunk Anyone?

-Dear Mad Tea party folks...I've spent the evening and night trying my hardest to upload my pre-made mini video from my digital camera & for the life of me I CANNOT get it from the file to the blog! I can open it with windows media player with NO images & in a downloaded AVI with no bloody SOUND! I've even downloaded CODECS -whatever THEY are!
I give up but will try again in the morning. I'm so disappointed that I'm late so Late I couldn't play sniff SNIFF ;( and I've had to eat all the meringues & eclairs on my ownio too. A Big thanks to Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist for hosting this quite mad event! :) To bed with me now as it's 2.15 in the morn. xx
27TH 8PM
Ok so AT LAST ! I've uploaded the bloody thing and yes yes it IS on its side alright :) but I think you'll all look rather fetching with your little heads tilted to one side :)
The thing is blurred in instances but I didn't want to mess about with it any further just in case it blew UP!
Myself & my daughter Jade had such a laugh making this clip..I'm sure the neighbours did too..they would have heard the most bizarre sentences
'' Spread the butter onto the pocketwatch with the fork & then stir Alice and the eye around in the tea'' :)