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Saturday 31 October 2009

International Art Swap/Exchange

Well this is the piece that I'm offering to my exchange artist..Alicia! hope you like him ...he's one of a kind handpainted Alice's Lucky White Rabbit-on linen panel 5"+ x 7" & this one looks a little freaky-but I like that!. He wasa little fatter yesterday but he's since had a makeover!Tear from The Looking Glass 1952 ED, a playing card rip & a little gold leaf thrown in there too for ya!. I'm doing a range of this character in this style as I have a couple of orders in ...but each one is unique with varied compositional additions.
My apologies for the delay in posting..I really am terrible at deadlines & at this stage I know that I just have to go with it!. But I'll pop it n the post to Portland USA on Monday morn bright & late!
I'm looking forward to receiving something myself soon! Each morning I wait for Mr. Posty to bring me a little treasure...from WHO? dunno From WHERE ..dunno!
So HAppy Hallowe'en to all you crazy wild bloggers
Nov 4th little tiny update not really wanting this to be noticed might get away with it. I only posted this wabbit off to Alicia yesterday evening 3rd Nov. I know I know. I told you I'm TERRIBLE at this type of thing. It takes me freakin' five hours to leave the house in the morning(eh Morning? I don't think so) turns into early evening. Anyway she won't rec. this 'til Wed of nxt wk. Gawd what am I like? Haven't received anything myself yet. But I don't think anyone will notice this little appendage. hehe maybe Jo Archer will Can't sneak anything by that cheeky nymph !

Friday 23 October 2009

'Alice's White Rabbit' Painting

'Alice's White Rabbit'
30cm x 40cm

Original painting portrait with added steampunk element & ephemera (1952 ed. tears Through The Looking Glass)

My take on The White Rabbit
It's midnight & I have alot to do before I go to bed ie prepare for tomorrow's market Cow's Lane Designer Mart in Temple Bar. Up at 7.30 am . I just got so into painting this character! Back soon with lots of news!

Tuesday 20 October 2009

The Temple Bar Chocolate Festival/Exhibition

First of all thankyou to all my witchy friends who dropped in to my party on Saturday. I hope you were pandered to with regards to potions & concoctions. If not please refer to the complaints dept. (small print -well invisiblle actually!)
Somebody left their broom behind & I also found a pair of cobwebby stripey socks in the cauldron that are NOT mine. I'll leave them hanging on the gate for the owner-you know who you are-you naughty witch!

I'm so excited about this year's Temple Bar Chocolate Festival as one of my paintings ('The Hatta' listed in a previous blogpost) is being exhibited along with other artists' works in the NGG Exhibition on Thursday evening! Please visit my website for more info-if you want to!

Thursday 15 October 2009

'Sans Peur Non Sans Reproche' Painting

Sans Peur Non Sans Reproche ( Without Fear But Not Without Reproach)
20 x 20 inches
Original Painting
torn elements were then added to my painting such as 1909 papers take away the 'too nice' look of the painted image alone and I think the cute scar adds 'reason' to her shyness.(see closeup of scar detail achieved with a stanley!- Jim thought I was MAD as I was slicing through !! Haha-but he now agrees that it gives her character)
My daughter Jade inspired this work ie the red curly hair & the green eyes!
In answer to Aoife's Q
Hi Aoife! NO Aoife I do not Photoshop my pictures or alter them for the screen in ANY way apart from resizing for loadup time. This finish is achieved on canvas by hand & they are EXACTLY as they appear on the computer .I take a photo of my finished work and load them up! Come see them at Cow's Lane Market, Temple Bar on the Sat.24th

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Guess where I was Last night..

So wait 'til I TELL ya where I was last night!....At Vicar St,Dublin, at the Nick Cave gig! Oh yeah it was good. He even played Red Right Hand for me after I yelled it at him a couple of times! He intermittently read excerpts from his book ' The Death of Bunny Munro'

which IS off the wall & quite vulgar but he delivers the words in such an entrancing way that one forgets their guttergibeness(don't know if that's a word or not but sounds good!). He worked up an easy rapport with the audience & invited ANY questions saying from time to time ''I'll do ANYthing-anything at all'' & some requests DID ensue. Frida Kahlo image is featured behind him on the running video as he recites with reference to her a particularly comical scene from his book-so funny!

An intimate concert refreshing to the jampacked larger venue concerts. Great night :)

Thursday 1 October 2009

''Call me Doll'' Painted Collage

Crazy Words
I'm Tickled To Death I'm Single
Take your Finger out of Your Mouth
Call me Doll'

I've used all original vintage & antique papers(No re-prints) used in this O*O*A*K
Painted vintage Collage work
She's DEFIANT, She's CUTE, She's Naughty,She's in control of her OWN Tea Party
She's A DOLL!