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Monday, 25 January 2010

PleasureLand -Little Apples Will Grow Again Collage-Painting

This is a collage-painting that I completed a while back & it's only now that I've had photos of the full painting to show you.

'Pleasure Land-Little Apples Will Grow Again'

Handpainted detailing ,houses, trees,balloon ,apple,swirl design etc & then I've used 1917 music manuscript, 1950's magazine images ,old tea-stained lace,string and various other ephemera to create a concept randomly reflecting the world's general 'mood' so to speak,- a melting post of notions loosely as so..

Burst's all hot air...the bubble has burst The Church Café (detail)...solice...or not. Madonna and Apple(Centre detail panel)...The Big Apple (centre)..Stockmarket Crash...Forbidden Fruit...Man on Bended Knee(centre detail)..'what MORE can I do? Help me? Why? Now All are Sleeping (Houses) Burying our heads? Resting..waiting 'til all is calm?...recovering? Time...out of-? In-? -left?
It's inevitable...that Little Apples Will Grow Again

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Petite Suite de Concert

Goodt a Boris Karloff voice),
This is a piece I've just finished called
'~*'Petite Suite de Concert,
The Land of Children's Dreams'*~
An assemblage-painting into which I've incorporated 60 year old lace from an dress that is 'breaking ' at this stage!, an antique German porcelain doll's head, wire, and 1924 music manuscript -all within a gold painted wooden frame with linen inset,handpainted form phew! oh yeah the caption reads
' come along you little ones,come along with me; And we'll float in a boat made of bright moonbeams, to the land of children's dreams'
It is the same style,using same pose ('cos I like it!lol) as a previous piece 'When Your Talking Machine Glides' posted a few weeks ago (now sold). I'm doing a series of these dancing clowns. This is the second in the collection.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

My White Rabbits are taking OVER my little mind!

They're grouped for a reason....they seem to be communicating with each other. I realise that this sounds nuts && you know ?-you're probably right there! Jim arranged them this way on my easel all ready to greet me in my new studio space....all eyes were upon me when I walked in! My delicate mind is being taken over by the desire (I believe that that word 'desire' should have a 'z' in it, don't you?!)to paint this character ALL THE TIME! Things have GOT to alter. Balance is vital & must prevail!

You've seen the 'Nasty' little guy before & the other two are new to the world. I've got these White Rabbits hopping all around the world at moment one in Spain with Juame, One in Denmark with Kirsten, One inAmerica with Alicia, three in the Uk with Martin, Anna & Jonah & and a couple here in Ireland one with somebody you may all know but I can't say hehehe.

Yep I've moved to Archway Studios (check it out)about a five minute walk around the corner from my house literally! I'm so thrilled that there was a space available for ME!. I made the decision to move mainly based on GUILT as although my other studio was in a really funky location with stuff going on there I just couldn't get it together to GET there each know..a bus and a fifteen minute walk. Most times I didn't arrive 'til late evening . Then I was hungry! Then I just wasn't in the mood & it was on my mind that I had to do the journey back again! So I couldn't justify having it/the cost it incurred when I didn't really use it that much. Anyway I'm peachy now thankyou very much!