The Josie Baggley Company

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

''Miss Candy Cotton'' Mixed Media Painting 19.5" x 19.5"

Miss Candy Cotton
Mixed Media Painting

Her hair looks like whimsical swirls of cotton candy(or candy floss) . I LOVE these colours so much that I want to LICK them right off but my brain quickly tells me (huh?) to lick a lolly instead instead!
Vintage card stock originals used. Vintage rose shaped embellishments. One eye (HER left) is cut from a 1960's magazine that I came accross on my travels & the other is handpainted- as is the majority of this work. I love mixing very old papers and and bits & bobs from my cluttered collection of whatnots into my paintings as I feel it adds not only dimension & interest but also character & mystery- & most importantly I enjoy it!.
''I claim there is no other can compare with YOU
...whispering pretty stories''

Hope you like her!