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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Albert Von Tilzer~ Original fantasy painting in my White Rabbit Series

Albert Von Tilzer

Original Painting with added Mixed Media (papers not reprints), Parisien Queen playing card piece, vint. lace, antique paper
(Another in my White Rabbit series-most of which are now hopping all over the world)

the story goes...(in MY head anyway! :))...

Albert Von Tilzer was a dapper Austrian Magician during the late 18th c. He was grand uncle to The White Rabbit ehemm ..yes.. and packed out the theatres such as Theater Van Der Wien with his jaw dropping performance to the delight of his adoring audience...pulling a medium sized child from his top hat was his signature trick. He was also a shrewd investor & bought up many caf├ęs & speakeasies which yielded him a pretty penny. He also took part in the seasonal Balls in particular The Kaffeesiederball in Vienna where he sang his ears off on a beerfilled belly & on one publicised occasion fell off the stage and broke his pufftail in three places. It was in plaster for two months . It was never the same again and he noticeably walked to one side from that moment on.
I think he resembles the actor John Malkovich.