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Tuesday 8 December 2009

When Your Talking Machine Glides.

When Your Talking Machine Glides
Mixed Media Painting Original
For me it conjures...
1920's Paris.. Carnival ..magic..absinthe ..muffled ..whispers..find..When Your Talking Machine Glides...
I'm thrilled that this work has been purchased by a poet!

Tuesday 1 December 2009

My FIRST Blog Award!

Oh I feel peachy today! I've just received my ~*~FIRST blog award~*~ (Marilyn )from the talented writer woman herself Kori over at Blonde Episodes . I'm delira and excirah as they say over here in some parts-not ME now you understand ooooh nooo! Now I'm going to give this award to eight blog friends & if you choose you can also send it on here goes

Jo over at The Crow Road
She's a little petal with a lovely heart & her assemblage & altered art is just cool....generous with everyone in blogland . Love the way she's always tinkering about with her banner!
Johanna over at Portrait Painting by Johanna Spinks
Outstanding painter of the highest standard! Her blog is a great read & her website is a feast for sore eyes. And.. she painted something close to my heart .
Julie over at Mermaid Creations
She's a faeryhearted wonder when it comes to hats! Oh you just go now & check out her blog & you'll see what I mean.!lol I have one of her creations and it's now joined my forever treasures list!
Alicia over at Altered Bits
What a character! And her magnetic blog is like a magic directory for creatives. Love her dark art too!
Mary over at Pink Flamingo61
She's a pantomime! She has SO much going on it'll make you dizzy! And she sends me stuff that I love & you'll love too. Her Steampunk is fantastic!
Yve over at Freaky Little Dolls
Cool blog with fantastically different doll creations and amazing posts just check out 'Matilda's Enchanted Journey' Hilarious
Cathy over at Avalon Rose Design
Need I say more? Her graphic designs are the best on the web in my onion. She can read your mind with regards to your ideas for design etc
Sanda over at Cards & Dreams
Lovely blog with a creative soul. She had a bit of a fright a litlte while ago & this is a late 'Hope You're Feeling Better Now' type of thing for her!

Wednesday 25 November 2009

I'm The Doll

This is a new piece of Steampunk Fantasia that I've just loaded up onto my website The Josie Baggley Company. I've used a gorgeously smooth silver full vintage pocketwatch case (alot of descriptive usage I know!) including original crystal & winder. Inside is a tiny Frozen Charlotte bust & behind her is a tiny collage using images from Kristin's shop over at Retro Cafe Art.

I've joined Facebook over the last few days. Yes I have! -finally. It's strange at the moment . Very different to Blogger & I'm not sure how I feel about it as yet let alone getting to grips with navigating. Anyway a groovy chick came to my rescue yep Jo over at The Crow Road told me what to do yeah she 'tole' me. She's really like a stripey-tighty fair faery -with attitude!& she LOVES Nick Cave as much as I do!I just love reading her blog-never know WHAT she'll come up with next! Alicia over at Altered Bits flew over to my fanpage to give me support as it was sooooo lonely there on my shiny new facebook page knowing there are MILLIONS of facebookers all around me....laughing loRl

So I'll be at the Flea Market on Sunday ...& I'll have some new Steampunk additions & some festive finds too! Hope to see you there.(well if yourNOT it'll be empty-not good) Also coming up soon is The Crafty Market-MY favourite. I just LOVE the atmosphere there-such a creative funny friendly bunch of folk-gathering.So try your best to be there !There are regular flights to Dublin for those of you outside Ireland so NO EXCUSE right?lol

Friday 20 November 2009

Wicked White Rabbit

Wicked White Rabbit
The White Rabbit always had something a little nasty about him ,you know his own wicked little agenda .Can't all be cutesness & fluff!-terribly boring
Anyway here's a painting with added 50's mag details,wire, vint.fabric and old music manuscript. He hangs outside my studio door to let people know whether I'm in or out!

Friday 13 November 2009

'Lovers' Liberty' Original Painting

Lovers' Liberty
So I think my muse showed up-about friggin' time. She's a little delicate though I must say!Just easing in.
Anyway, this is a painting that I've been working on . I love the 1917 old music manuscript that I've added to the inner frame of the painting -it's SO old and beautifully printed. The inks that withstood time. Even the paper is so beautiful. The font designs are so elaborate & artistic.. She wears a gold leaf crown & has an abundance of lush fruits& roses all around her. She glows with happiness,contentment; she is successful and in control of love and life!

Friday 6 November 2009

A little Story

Painting by Johanna Spinks

As some of you may already know I used to live in France. To cut a long story short I returned home to my city of Dublin about a year ago. I love being home. I have not once thought about moving again, not for an instant. I feel that I have gained this permanent root that was always there yes but only truly felt & appreciated and lived after I had left it to live in other parts of the world. I loved living in London also . My daughter was born there. But France namely Dinan was a wonderful place to live & to experience. Anyway, I lived in a little 'nest' over there. I called it a nset because it reminded me of a bird's cosy nest high & safe on top of a tree. A Pink House Top. It is medieval & adorable although tiny in size it's huge in character. Original shutters & beams etc. Dinan is an arty place packed full with artisans & appreciations. It is a small city built within medieval castle walls. My little pink house is also within the ramparts.

Through blogging I met a wonderful person. An artist. A classical portraiture artist. Highly regarded as a master of her art. She has been featured in The New York Times & one of her many affiliations is CA State Abassador to The Portrait Society of America . Johanna Spinks.

Johanna had commented on my post about Dinan. On my post I had loaded up a pic of the pink house. She told me that she was from California & that she was about to travel to France -to Dinan! She was invited there by Les Amis de la Grande Vigne to stay in an artists' dwelling to paint to her heart's content & then to have one of her paintings chosen to be added to the gallery wall. I'm not surprised as she has that old masters' style ,rich in depth . She really gets to know a face prior to & during painting and has the ability to paint a person's 'being'. She has told me that she is a 'slow' painter. And evidently that is the way it SHOULD be as in reality it IS slow to get to know a person & her paintings show this clearly. As I followed her blog it was as though I was there! It was a funny read , a charming read and at times a little sad especially when she kissed her Husband goodbye after the first week there (I'm not telling you any more -visit her blog!) I knew the streets & buildings that she painted & understood her frustrations and delights. We emailed during her time there & then on one blog she mentioned that the only thing she wished to paint (at that time during her four week stay) was my little pink house! Then she emailed me again & when I opened the attachment there it was- a perfect painting of My Little Pink House! . WOW !How cool is that? I was- I AM chuffed! I squealed with delight lifting up my laptop to show whoever was there! She KNEW I'd feel like that too! Imagine-she saw my house from America on my blog,flew to France and sat in front of it whilst she painted it & whilst I was in Ireland!! Anyway her blogging for that period has been compressed into one jam packed well written engaging post. You'll enjoy I'm sure. So here is the painting of my Little Pink House by Johanna Spinks.

Thankyou Johanna x

Saturday 31 October 2009

International Art Swap/Exchange

Well this is the piece that I'm offering to my exchange artist..Alicia! hope you like him ...he's one of a kind handpainted Alice's Lucky White Rabbit-on linen panel 5"+ x 7" & this one looks a little freaky-but I like that!. He wasa little fatter yesterday but he's since had a makeover!Tear from The Looking Glass 1952 ED, a playing card rip & a little gold leaf thrown in there too for ya!. I'm doing a range of this character in this style as I have a couple of orders in ...but each one is unique with varied compositional additions.
My apologies for the delay in posting..I really am terrible at deadlines & at this stage I know that I just have to go with it!. But I'll pop it n the post to Portland USA on Monday morn bright & late!
I'm looking forward to receiving something myself soon! Each morning I wait for Mr. Posty to bring me a little treasure...from WHO? dunno From WHERE ..dunno!
So HAppy Hallowe'en to all you crazy wild bloggers
Nov 4th little tiny update not really wanting this to be noticed might get away with it. I only posted this wabbit off to Alicia yesterday evening 3rd Nov. I know I know. I told you I'm TERRIBLE at this type of thing. It takes me freakin' five hours to leave the house in the morning(eh Morning? I don't think so) turns into early evening. Anyway she won't rec. this 'til Wed of nxt wk. Gawd what am I like? Haven't received anything myself yet. But I don't think anyone will notice this little appendage. hehe maybe Jo Archer will Can't sneak anything by that cheeky nymph !

Friday 23 October 2009

'Alice's White Rabbit' Painting

'Alice's White Rabbit'
30cm x 40cm

Original painting portrait with added steampunk element & ephemera (1952 ed. tears Through The Looking Glass)

My take on The White Rabbit
It's midnight & I have alot to do before I go to bed ie prepare for tomorrow's market Cow's Lane Designer Mart in Temple Bar. Up at 7.30 am . I just got so into painting this character! Back soon with lots of news!

Tuesday 20 October 2009

The Temple Bar Chocolate Festival/Exhibition

First of all thankyou to all my witchy friends who dropped in to my party on Saturday. I hope you were pandered to with regards to potions & concoctions. If not please refer to the complaints dept. (small print -well invisiblle actually!)
Somebody left their broom behind & I also found a pair of cobwebby stripey socks in the cauldron that are NOT mine. I'll leave them hanging on the gate for the owner-you know who you are-you naughty witch!

I'm so excited about this year's Temple Bar Chocolate Festival as one of my paintings ('The Hatta' listed in a previous blogpost) is being exhibited along with other artists' works in the NGG Exhibition on Thursday evening! Please visit my website for more info-if you want to!

Thursday 15 October 2009

'Sans Peur Non Sans Reproche' Painting

Sans Peur Non Sans Reproche ( Without Fear But Not Without Reproach)
20 x 20 inches
Original Painting
torn elements were then added to my painting such as 1909 papers take away the 'too nice' look of the painted image alone and I think the cute scar adds 'reason' to her shyness.(see closeup of scar detail achieved with a stanley!- Jim thought I was MAD as I was slicing through !! Haha-but he now agrees that it gives her character)
My daughter Jade inspired this work ie the red curly hair & the green eyes!
In answer to Aoife's Q
Hi Aoife! NO Aoife I do not Photoshop my pictures or alter them for the screen in ANY way apart from resizing for loadup time. This finish is achieved on canvas by hand & they are EXACTLY as they appear on the computer .I take a photo of my finished work and load them up! Come see them at Cow's Lane Market, Temple Bar on the Sat.24th

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Guess where I was Last night..

So wait 'til I TELL ya where I was last night!....At Vicar St,Dublin, at the Nick Cave gig! Oh yeah it was good. He even played Red Right Hand for me after I yelled it at him a couple of times! He intermittently read excerpts from his book ' The Death of Bunny Munro'

which IS off the wall & quite vulgar but he delivers the words in such an entrancing way that one forgets their guttergibeness(don't know if that's a word or not but sounds good!). He worked up an easy rapport with the audience & invited ANY questions saying from time to time ''I'll do ANYthing-anything at all'' & some requests DID ensue. Frida Kahlo image is featured behind him on the running video as he recites with reference to her a particularly comical scene from his book-so funny!

An intimate concert refreshing to the jampacked larger venue concerts. Great night :)

Thursday 1 October 2009

''Call me Doll'' Painted Collage

Crazy Words
I'm Tickled To Death I'm Single
Take your Finger out of Your Mouth
Call me Doll'

I've used all original vintage & antique papers(No re-prints) used in this O*O*A*K
Painted vintage Collage work
She's DEFIANT, She's CUTE, She's Naughty,She's in control of her OWN Tea Party
She's A DOLL!

Tuesday 22 September 2009

''Miss Candy Cotton'' Mixed Media Painting 19.5" x 19.5"

Miss Candy Cotton
Mixed Media Painting

Her hair looks like whimsical swirls of cotton candy(or candy floss) . I LOVE these colours so much that I want to LICK them right off but my brain quickly tells me (huh?) to lick a lolly instead instead!
Vintage card stock originals used. Vintage rose shaped embellishments. One eye (HER left) is cut from a 1960's magazine that I came accross on my travels & the other is handpainted- as is the majority of this work. I love mixing very old papers and and bits & bobs from my cluttered collection of whatnots into my paintings as I feel it adds not only dimension & interest but also character & mystery- & most importantly I enjoy it!.
''I claim there is no other can compare with YOU
...whispering pretty stories''

Hope you like her!

Wednesday 26 August 2009

'Hatta' I'm Glad To See You Back! Painting.

Do You Have Any Bread & Butter?

'Hatta' as he is to referred to in the original storyline -painting portrait,Victoriana style to it I think. I've finished this & to be honest I'm cabbaged ..absolutely wrecked !-I've been painting non stop for the last few days & my little work room normally quite untidy is now a total disaster zone...& I KNOW I'll have to go back in! First though I have to clean my brushes as I'm awful at leaving brushes to harden & so I try to be disciplined -in THIS regard anyway!

Friday 14 August 2009

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Ed Peters & The Captured Faery

Hello there ! So the Arts & Craft Market was grand. Again I met some really interesting folk who were so kind to give me encouragement to keep going! I was over the moon to have sold two of my paintings and also pretty chuffed to have sold a few pieces of my Steampunk Jewellery that I hadn't even had the time to upload onto my website . There were so many interesting stalls -one in particular caught my eye - a clothes rail holding the most scrumptious designer wear by Carmel Connerny. What that girl can do with muslin-WoW! & chic vintage floral fabrics but always her pieces have a funky innovative edge whilst also encompassing such femininity. She's a natural & I hope to see her there at September's venue.

So the crow,- Ed Peters (name taken from the scrap of 1922 Edition Peters Music Script added to his attire!) is made from timber . He has an obsidian (volcanic glass) talisman strapped under his beak using leather-this gives a dimensional appearance I think to his appearance. He is swathed in old black lace & has an antique solid brass finding for his eye onto which a diamante finding is soldered on for the so important twinkle! A very old 19th century pocket watch part ,cogs and springs & an iron chain gives him a Steampunk Chunk finish.

Miss Winifred ( name taken from 1927 ephemera) is also comprised of wood. She has an old watch hand twisted into shape for her eye & wears cotton crochet lace .

Capturing A Faery

The captured Faery

This is the dresser that Jim made for me to display my creations on & I bring it with me to the market. it will be set on casters for the next one which will make it easier to move about!. I've almost finished the artwork on it.
I love this dresser I have to say. It's a O*O*A*K. It's still a work in progress but it's getting there! He has made it completely by hand & used dowels rather than screws & nails etc and I am so impressed by the way he has arched the wood to the side & how he has placed the quirky doors at quirky angles. ..quirky & charming -Just like HIM! awh shucks
back soon!

Friday 24 April 2009

'Late' ....Steampunk*Pendant ~White Rabbit

UPDATE;28/04 This O*O*A*K is available to buy on my website Go to evening fellow bloggers!

Well it's late..23.15 & I thought I'd give you a look at a necklace that I've just completed. The White Rabbit..eternally LAte as I am..always Time flying away leaving me rushing about...old ephemera altered ..looking glass (not plastic!)lace,lovely half broken watch, metal wing & key charm. Nice chunky piece of steampunk!

Saturday 18 April 2009

Sunday 22 March 2009

'Leprechaun Coffee Bath' Paddy's Day

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh

This unfortunate Leprechaun(what's LEFT of him that is) tried too hard to integrate with the locals on St Patrick's Day by accepting a coffee which as we all know is lethal to the wicked little sprites...only the Uisce Beatha* & the Black Stuff *are safe options. He was probably a young 200 year old jack the lad with issues.

Upside, only three tragedies of this description were recorded at this years festivities.

Was this a case of suicide or a drunken bad decision or ...murder?

Any witnesses please call to city Garda Station and ask for the leprechaun mediation officer..Mike ..He'll take any info. you may have in any form ...Song, Limerick, Mime etc


Tri colour over park bridge St Stephen's Green ,Dublin City

College Green at Trinity College Dublin City