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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

When Your Talking Machine Glides.

When Your Talking Machine Glides
Mixed Media Painting Original
For me it conjures...
1920's Paris.. Carnival ..magic..absinthe ..muffled ..whispers..find..When Your Talking Machine Glides...
I'm thrilled that this work has been purchased by a poet!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My FIRST Blog Award!

Oh I feel peachy today! I've just received my ~*~FIRST blog award~*~ (Marilyn )from the talented writer woman herself Kori over at Blonde Episodes . I'm delira and excirah as they say over here in some parts-not ME now you understand ooooh nooo! Now I'm going to give this award to eight blog friends & if you choose you can also send it on here goes

Jo over at The Crow Road
She's a little petal with a lovely heart & her assemblage & altered art is just cool....generous with everyone in blogland . Love the way she's always tinkering about with her banner!
Johanna over at Portrait Painting by Johanna Spinks
Outstanding painter of the highest standard! Her blog is a great read & her website is a feast for sore eyes. And.. she painted something close to my heart .
Julie over at Mermaid Creations
She's a faeryhearted wonder when it comes to hats! Oh you just go now & check out her blog & you'll see what I mean.!lol I have one of her creations and it's now joined my forever treasures list!
Alicia over at Altered Bits
What a character! And her magnetic blog is like a magic directory for creatives. Love her dark art too!
Mary over at Pink Flamingo61
She's a pantomime! She has SO much going on it'll make you dizzy! And she sends me stuff that I love & you'll love too. Her Steampunk is fantastic!
Yve over at Freaky Little Dolls
Cool blog with fantastically different doll creations and amazing posts just check out 'Matilda's Enchanted Journey' Hilarious
Cathy over at Avalon Rose Design
Need I say more? Her graphic designs are the best on the web in my onion. She can read your mind with regards to your ideas for design etc
Sanda over at Cards & Dreams
Lovely blog with a creative soul. She had a bit of a fright a litlte while ago & this is a late 'Hope You're Feeling Better Now' type of thing for her!