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Monday 3 January 2011

The Owl & The Gorilla- Original Painting

Hi peeps!
well it HAS been a while eh? How have you all been?
I've been up to my eyebrows with The Ferocious Mingle Market & painting etc. I have hardly had time to switch ON the computer let alone post!

Anyway Happy New Year & hope that Christmas was fantastic for you. It was for me! I've been living life to the full and it's bloody great oh yeah ...lots been occurring ;)are ya curious ...are ya curiouser?
Here are a few pictures of a recent commission work which was to be a Christmas present celebrating a fifth anniversary.
The Owl & The Gorilla
4ft x 4ft
Handpainted original with then added music sheet written by my customer for his love. I've incorporated the handwritten music into the gorilla's waistcoat & then added a monocle chain & lovelock & vintage lace.
Back soon
Rainey J


Michele Lynch Art said...

Fabulous painting!! I love it!! Michele

harem6 said...

Wonderful work!
We wish you an amazing 2011!

Debrina said...

Well no doubt you've been a busy lady - what with the Ferocious mingle market, steampunking and the festive season! The painting is a treat, my dear! LOVE it!! Love both of your main protagonists too :-)

Debrina said...

Where are you, dear lady? Miss you in blogland :-(