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Monday, 1 February 2010

Johanna's Molly Moppit Hat & Fleamarket Floozies

Hello there Baggley Dears,

well here we have a Molly Moppit Hat handsewn by mey wee little fingers for the wonderful Johanna Spinks. We have arranged a fine trade. In return for this chocolate velvet bonnet with pink antique rose pin I'll be receiving the beautiful painting that she mastered of my Pink French House when she was over there on a residency a couple of months back.

A Molly Moppit Hat is named so due to the fact that in olden times the washer women(mop lady) would wear a similar style usually in a white cotton & with lace trim for night-time! The vinateg velvet(not velour) is soft & is a sumptious shade of delectable chocolate. I bought the fabric & the vintage brooch at a Puce (flea market) in Ploubelay in Brittany. The lace & pink satin used to make the rose-pin is from an Irish antique gown & is so pretty & delicately comprised. I have also lined the bonnet & it has my label.

I am really looking forward to her receiving this almost as much as I am about receiving the painting.

If YOU would like to trade/barter then go to The Fleamarket Floozies(GRAB the badge). This is a facebook page that Jo over at The Crow Road launched after herself & myself thought up the idea in conjunction with Debs's The Barter Circle (GRAB the badge). Alicia of Altered Bits, Kirsten of Fleur de Boheme are also Floozy admin . Just send any of us a request if you'd like to become a Floozy & join us on our little online swap-shop.'Barter Late Than Never! You can take the Fleamarket Floozies badge on the side bar and it links you to the page.I did the badge design using a detail panel of a previous collage work that I did on a three panelled room divider.We'll have another couple of these room dividers/screens for sale on
The Josie Baggley Company Website in a couple of weeks .In reply to a couple of emails asking whether or not I sell prints of my paintings ( The Mad Hatter in particular)...YEP I'll have them ready soon sweeties! . They''l be printed onto linen canvas and then signed & numbered& some handpainted embellishment will be done to each-giving each print a unique finish to the next.


Kori said...

This is adorable honey! Hope you are doing well, Rainey dear. Kori xoxo

Edie said...

I love the hat, Rainey~it makes me think of strawberry ice cream and chocolate cake, mmmm. It looks cozy and soft, too. I like that the the touch of pink brings to mind your pink house.

I know it was for a trade, but it looks lovely on you!

Unknown said...

What a great hat. I love the flower. x0x0 pink

Lisa said...

totally adorable hat..LOVE it!!!

Johanna Spinks said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did I say I love it? Thank you dear Rainey. It is so ME, especially that pin you found. Brilliant. I .can't wait to wear it in NY next week.

Rose peach is also my favorite color on me. So excited. I will get Chocolate Box to you asap.


mermaiden said...

what *don't* you do??? seriously, you have your lovely little fingers into everything, making beautiful somethings all about you.
this hat is sassy and sweetly sexy. love it! or maybe it's just the pic of you in it (wink, wink).

Fleur de Boheme said...

Oh Rainey the hat and rose-pin are fantastic and the lucky Joanna Spinks will be thrilled! And it does look gorgeous on you, such pretty pictures!

I´ll come up with an outcast for a set of rules for the Floozies later, was too tired yesterday.

We´re waiting for the next snowstorm that is going to hit us very soon, apparently the worst one this year so far. Two years ago our village was snowed in for 3 days! Well, we have enough food, I have lots of cosy projects and Bjarne is working from home today so I wouldn´t mind!

See you later! Kirsten

Jo Archer said...

Love that hat! Clever girl. I just had to make some mop caps for the mums at school when the children had a Victorian day. None of them can knit or sew, it's terrible. (Not as fancy and gorgeous as this though!)

So glad you're doing prints of your paintings. I'd love an original one day, but until then a print would do fine Ms. Rainey J. xxx

KeKe said...

The hat is adorable!!

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh this is just too cool and I adore (underlined profusely) the hat your created!!
Although I don't have time to partake of this amazing circle I L♥Ve the concept so I'm including a circle badge on my sidebar, whoot!

Debrina said...

Ooooh - I love the hat Rainey - it's too cute! You're a really clever lass, you know that??!! I love the fact that you filled us in a little on the history too. Nice touch!! Edie's also right - it makes me hungry!

Whisperings 13 said...

I am in love with that hat! and you are adorable! That hat is stunning on you!
I have finally had a chance to rummage through your blog- your work is breath taking! Thank you for the follow and allowing me to meet you! superb! and i must confess. I have a serious case of dublin-envy going on. Loving the pictures. Thank you.
*sigh* some day.

Debby said...

Oh, how I love this hat. I am jumping for joy to have found your blog, it is a wonderful place to visit and I shall return often.

thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...

Rainey over therey in Iranland...

excurse me while I slip on a loose fittin' mondegreen...

There we go...I've been reading about the early homonyms coming out of ancient the they crossed the dessert...but, that's another story that we'll be relations another time...

About the hat...
honestly...there a very kind people here, but, I four one...would not wear it.

Unlest ofcurse, they came with matching leg chenille.

I had a looksee at that wee pink house you lived in French.
From the size of the picture...the house is about 3 inches tall.

In that hocus-pukus magical system, the metric system, you U.K. people use...I think that transilates into 425.13 stone...that ofcurse is just noncents.
(how you people became an Umpire, I'll ever know)

But, going on the fact that Pink House is butt three inches tall...accordian to the pitcher...
the hat you made would be very tiny to fit on yer tiny 3 inch tall head.

Your painter friend shall find her self a wee hat in the mail only big enough to fit her pinky.

And so..if you were to wish to find a where to how to be with the FAE that I consist of...ask Mermaiden herey...on yer bloggy...

I give to dear Rainey...
the opening line of my newy new,
very first line of my new friend in poem and rhyme...the Witch Maggie Mubbin-

"Maggie Mubbin was a simple witch so lonely and so poor,
Who lived in the hilly hills of the hardly known Hills of Hardly Moor"

we all shall have to wait...before I can say hardly more

most beastly yours,

Johanna Spinks said...

Hey, guys, that hat is MINE!!!!

Can't wait to get it. And yes, this is one of the best blogs around, done so nicely. And yes, Rainey is an amazing artist.

But the hat is MINE!!!

Rainey J. Dillon said...

Ah Johanna...don't worry your pretty little head petal! The IS yours...MADE FOR YOU! lol
Thanks friend I really am flattered that you say such things being as you're an out of this world paint just seems to DO exactly what you want!
And I am receiving something so precious from you in return. I'm a happy girly!

Rainey J. Dillon said...

*Excuse me whilst I speak to my special friend Beastly K from The Haunted Studio Under The Stairs*

Deariest Mey Beastly,
yoube a chappynoodle twice! Iys be sharin with you hows this be so hapenens in a flickerydoo.
Oh, you did give Rainey the first here magic gaze on yor tale of tell of The Witch Maggie Mubbin. Iys glad she be lonely & poor for her tale wills be surely an Owl & a Poker.
Anois,nows, tá mo chroí beag briste mo stór-mey little thumpyticktock is broked...Beastly yous called Rainey Britches! nay Iys Gaelic!! from Ancient Fae Éire .Iys IRISH chappynoodle!Iys not UK.
Iys be 2shamrocks high in the dusky and the due gives me taller pins in the morn is all. Iys don't look peachy in the morn Beastly but in moonglittery iys looks like a boot
Yours Emerald Rainey

thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...

Ah, forgive me dear Rainey in Iraland...

Of, course I know yer not Britches..but but Irash... a loverly land of steamy jungles and soaring vulcanoes where the Speckled Sparrowfish lies in wait for the unsuspecting Pakastani to put on his dinner plate.

most beastly yours,

Christopher A. Klingler said...

Popping in 2 say HELLO to one of my FAVOURITE ladies!!! '-)

Hope you are having a great & creative week!

mE (-:


Caterina Giglio said...

your hat is not only adorable, it is adorable on you!

Unknown said...

Oh this is awesome...I have to have one..ehehehe!!! weeeeeee...

Unknown said...

OMG, Rainey, this hat is simply GORGEOUS!!! I love it! The flower looks fab and you too!
Lots of love, Sanda xx

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

I love the hat! You look so cute!

* said...

I love and this is a reminder to wear them more. They are really quite fetching, especially this one.