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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Do you know why I feel great right now?...


Jaysus!..Facebook ruined my blogging guys. Anyway, it's delightful!!! now and I plan to post more on here and hopefully get back in touch with my blogging buddies ...much MUCH better meythinks


Saturday, 17 September 2011


Myself & Eamonn arriving at the summer picnic in The Phoenix Park

This is a print A3 size of an original painting that was bought by a horror movie director in New York
'Claude Arundale' by Rainey J Dillon (signed print A3 size in webshop now )

'' Dolly Daydream'' Steampunk Romantica pendant by Rainey J Dillon
''Off with her Head'' original painting with added mixed media

''John Clement'' Original illustration pencil pen charcoal by Rainey J Dillon

Hi there fellow bloggers...long time no see! Well without doubt I've been neglecting my blog for far too long. I can only put it down to two & play. Lots of commission work has been rolling in thankfully and since I am the quintessential dillydallier my tardy approach has only got me to the top of the pile now. I've loaded up some new paintings, illustrations & steampunk pendants onto my website The Josie Baggley Company & signed A3 sizelimited edition prints are also now available -just sayin' :)

~*PLAY...oh yes play...what a grand time I've been having this year so far. Myself & my paramour Eamonn have been living-up the Dublin jazz scene , have taken a wonderful holiday in France organised and run Temple of Rock and are on the cusp of the return of The Ferocious Mingle Market. We've spent the summer imbibing ginger beer & ruby wines , indulging in home made icecream ,cakes & pies, cycled all around the city, partook in art exhibitions,enjoyed concerts, shows & gigs -some of which Eamonn played in and luxuriated in doing absolutely nothing of task or toil whilst in Dinan, France. Long may it last....

oh and by the way EVERYONE who left a comment on my last post will receive a little something in the post...just send me your address details

Rainey Jx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Josie Baggley~* GIVEAWAY*~closes June 10th

' Follow The Yellow Brick Road' A Steampunk Fantasia pendant Vintage ladies gold tone pocketwatch with inset findings & such (commissioned )

'Monocle Molly' original Steampunk Painting (oil on canvas with added vintage mixed media)by Rainey J Dillon. SOLD at May's St Stephens Green Exhibition , Dublin

~*Fabulous Life~* Josie Baggley GIVEAWAY running until June 10th

Well hello dear peeps!

it's been a long time since I blogged and told -& I've been away from Happy Blogland for quite a while oops!-it wasn't intentional ,-I've been a busy woman! I was exhibiting my paintings at the Peoples Art 2011 Exhibition at St Stephens Green in Dublin a couple of weeks ago which was a howl ..we imbibed in wine and chocolate as we watched the people go by, drawing light relief through random critique & obiter dicta in relation to the diverse passing attire worn by the masses-overall quite acceptable to our tipsy disposition (that was a pretty long sentence-I'll put a full stop here now . Now let me see hmmmmm. what's been going on in my life; I was featured in The Irish Times Magazine.-(Rainey J Dillon).. :)a lovely lively journalist Tara Brady contacted me to ask me if I would be interested in an interview about my steampunk jewellery ,paintings & The Ferocious Mingle Market. Well eh ''YES ''I said . I thought that it was going to be a little 3" mention -which btw is cool enough with regards to the Times..anyway a photographer was sent out the following week to ..well to take photos of me;) The feature ended up being a FULL colour page WOW!! I was rather chuffed with that I can tell you. Since then I've been working on a bountiful number of commission pieces. This makes me happy :) :) :)

I was delighted to find out that my work is in the book 1000 Steampunk Creations by Barbe Saint John. Jo Archer, my dear friend from England & Kristin Hubick from the States also have their work published in this wonderful pictorial catalogue that you really consequently should buy lol ;

What else...emmmm... oh yes

I've also met a wonderful man. Yes I have. I've been seeing him for quite a few months now...just sayin'.

He flips my heart .

*~Since I've been away awhile I thought that it would be nice to re ignite my blog with a little giveaway. It'll be a surprise option...could be a pendant, a sketch or a wee box of supplies -your choice. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what surprise option you choose should you be the name drawn from the hat on June 10th. Simples! :)~*

ART by CANACE is also throwing a of her beautiful assemblages is up for grabs! Closes 21st June.

So there you go folks. Thanks for your emails of concern but you see I've been just untoward reason for having been away so long. Life has been fab!

Rainey J


Monday, 3 January 2011

The Owl & The Gorilla- Original Painting

Hi peeps!
well it HAS been a while eh? How have you all been?
I've been up to my eyebrows with The Ferocious Mingle Market & painting etc. I have hardly had time to switch ON the computer let alone post!

Anyway Happy New Year & hope that Christmas was fantastic for you. It was for me! I've been living life to the full and it's bloody great oh yeah ...lots been occurring ;)are ya curious ...are ya curiouser?
Here are a few pictures of a recent commission work which was to be a Christmas present celebrating a fifth anniversary.
The Owl & The Gorilla
4ft x 4ft
Handpainted original with then added music sheet written by my customer for his love. I've incorporated the handwritten music into the gorilla's waistcoat & then added a monocle chain & lovelock & vintage lace.
Back soon
Rainey J

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Albert Von Tilzer~ Original fantasy painting in my White Rabbit Series

Albert Von Tilzer

Original Painting with added Mixed Media (papers not reprints), Parisien Queen playing card piece, vint. lace, antique paper
(Another in my White Rabbit series-most of which are now hopping all over the world)

the story goes...(in MY head anyway! :))...

Albert Von Tilzer was a dapper Austrian Magician during the late 18th c. He was grand uncle to The White Rabbit ehemm ..yes.. and packed out the theatres such as Theater Van Der Wien with his jaw dropping performance to the delight of his adoring audience...pulling a medium sized child from his top hat was his signature trick. He was also a shrewd investor & bought up many cafés & speakeasies which yielded him a pretty penny. He also took part in the seasonal Balls in particular The Kaffeesiederball in Vienna where he sang his ears off on a beerfilled belly & on one publicised occasion fell off the stage and broke his pufftail in three places. It was in plaster for two months . It was never the same again and he noticeably walked to one side from that moment on.
I think he resembles the actor John Malkovich.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My Sweet Vengeance~ Original Painting (with added ephemera

~My Sweet Vengeance~
by Rainey J

27.5" x 19.5" canvas

Original Painting with added ephemera (1846 to 1950s)

This painting was inspired by a majestic 150 year old hand sculpted stone statue in Glasnevin Cemetery of Jesus Christ. It's about fifteen foot tall and is absolutely awe inspiring. The craftsmanship is incredibly laser cut computerised machinery back then! Anyway , using this belief system and world unfoldings of vile proportions I have tried to paint an all-powerful stone expression and then using antique & vintage papers I've depicted a scene (which has been repeated too many times in a clandestine world ) below Him that which suggests innocence, church, trust, paradise,wolfe,death,vengeance, lurking danger & sachrine persuasion intent on feeding its insatiable evil want.
This is one of the newer paintings that I'll be exhibiting at The peoples Art Exhibition on St Stephens Green this coming weekend.
So sorry to all my followers for having not left comments on your wonderful blogs as of late. THANKYOU for visiting mine and for taking the time to write your thoughts- love yas! I've been so busy with painting, steampunk jewellery, and running my market event. Also my daughter Jade is about to start her Masters Degree in NCAD and has needed her Mammy to help out with preparations.

Rainey J

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

'Clockwork Harlequin & Red No 5' Painting with Mixed Media

This is a new painting , finished last night.

~Clockwork Harlequin & RED No 5~

12" x 9" canvas

(painting with added mixed media elements)

It's a bit kooky this one..inspired by my friends Eszter & Roland who were talking about the fairytale of The fox & The Crow not knowing that I had already started a painting of a fox! I painted a cheeky clockwork harlequin wearing a crow cone-mask (vintage playing card piece) on the back of her giant fox Red No 5..flying through the night without a care! -until she has to be wound up again!

I've added vintage wallpaper that I got from the adorable Alicia over at Alteredbits , lace and various manuscript pieces torn up a touch of steampunk in there too (her eye mask)and an old key ..and a piece of Dresden lace. Her right eye is a 1950's magazine piece -besides this she is handpainted .

Red no 5 is a handpainted bushy tailed freespirit who is only too happy to take her up to the stars where she will turn back into a crow.(he has a strip of 1909 paper down his back with a touch of 'foxing' on it hehe ;) and a no 5 tag

Ok can't chat- have to dash- so I'm off to try to finish another one of my White Rabbits as only one remains for sale since the Peoples Art Exhibition in the city a couple of weeks ago. I am so happy that my work is being regularly purchased so I'm exhibiting again on the 24th 25th & 26th again at St Stephen's Green on the EAST side so have to re-stock ! Busy busy busy with thois and the Ferocious Mingle Market preps for this Sunday OH did I tell you?- I'll be wearing the coolest clown outfit-vintage ensemble of course! Only thing is it's bloody MASSIVE I've had to take in 7" on each side and it's STILL freakin' humonguus! I'll have to bandage my boobs to my ribcage else I look like a giant FRUIT!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sacred Heart of Happiness~ Original Painting (with added mixed media)

Well hello peeps! I've been so very busy as of late what with The Ferocious Mingle Market & now The Peoples Art Exhibition at St Stephens Green Dublin City. From Tomorrow morn and through the weekend I along with other artists will be showcasing our paintings right around the park gates.

This is a new piece that I've just completed .
''Sacred Heart of happiness-
-(repeat twelve times daily) ''
Handpainted portrait- she turned out to be kind of 'pop arty-vintage with a Santo thing going on -I THINK! and then I've added very old (from 1918) tears of paper & vintage lace to give texture & a tactile multi dimensional quality to it. I've mixed my colours to give an old plaster and peeling paint type of look to the background. I love to incorporate old vintage & antique 'bits' to my work rather than leave a 'cleancut painting'. I used to paint portraits at one time in my life and got quite bored with its boundaries so now I really enjoy pushing the boundaries so to speak on a finished painting to get a finished mixed media original painting whilst keeping the integrity of the raw painting....haha I know what I mean in my own head anyway lol

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Steampunk Fantasia

This is a few of my latest Steampunk Fantasia pendants that I'm in the process of uploading to my website(long drawn out process of L>>I>>>S>>>T>>I>>N>>>G>) I am so lazy with regards to taking pics ,resizing the things , measuring, describing etc and then when I'm just about to click SAVE ...what happens? yep the page freezes! Drives me mad madder maddest..Anyway I'll have this selection and more at my Steampunk Stall at The Ferocious Mingle Market on Sunday.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Ferocious Mingle Market~ This Sunday 11th July

Dublin's first Fancy Dress Market...takes place on the second Sunday of every month at the Dublin Co-op.
Join in the kooky fun to 'Find The elusive Mingle' and win a cash prize ...last month The Mingle (secretly chosen 'thing' from one of the stalls)was a small pic of Jesus that was selling on Pamela's stall for only €5 ! Many MANY punters picked it up alright but oh well ..nobody decided to buy it!! HA! It could have won you 50€ & a really snazzy Mingle Mkt Tee. ..Are ya ragin'? :) Anyway the prize money rolls over each month if The Mingle remains elusive up until December whereby we'll raffle the total cash sum and a bonus. You gotta be there early as the Mingle could be found at any time during the day.
There'll be tribal belly dancing by Zorryanna and from Laura of Speak from the Hip..there'll be ukulele tunes from Sarah & our Mingle mascot Princess Peach will be telling us a story too!
40 pitches with selling absolutely fantastic stall candy...I promise you won't be 'givin' out'!:)
So hope to see you all there on Sunday for an interesting fun market experience and don't forget mild to over the top fancy dress (or dress fancy!) will be most delightfully welcomed!
Café will be open and serving divine delights & of course Free parking is available right outside the building...what MORE could you want eh?
check us out on facebook :) Mingle Mkt

Sunday, 27 June 2010

So sorry I'm LATE ..Mad Late in fact...A Cuppa Steampunk Anyone?

-Dear Mad Tea party folks...I've spent the evening and night trying my hardest to upload my pre-made mini video from my digital camera & for the life of me I CANNOT get it from the file to the blog! I can open it with windows media player with NO images & in a downloaded AVI with no bloody SOUND! I've even downloaded CODECS -whatever THEY are!
I give up but will try again in the morning. I'm so disappointed that I'm late so Late I couldn't play sniff SNIFF ;( and I've had to eat all the meringues & eclairs on my ownio too. A Big thanks to Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist for hosting this quite mad event! :) To bed with me now as it's 2.15 in the morn. xx
27TH 8PM
Ok so AT LAST ! I've uploaded the bloody thing and yes yes it IS on its side alright :) but I think you'll all look rather fetching with your little heads tilted to one side :)
The thing is blurred in instances but I didn't want to mess about with it any further just in case it blew UP!
Myself & my daughter Jade had such a laugh making this clip..I'm sure the neighbours did too..they would have heard the most bizarre sentences
'' Spread the butter onto the pocketwatch with the fork & then stir Alice and the eye around in the tea'' :)

Monday, 7 June 2010

The Ferocious Mingle Market (This Sunday 13th June)

Hi Baggleys

This is what I've been up to during the last few weeks & it has taken up basically most of my time. I'm very excited and slightly nervous in anticipation for the first Ferocious Mingle Market. I want it to be a success for all involved and a regular fabulously fun event on the second Sunday of every month. I'll be catching up on all your blogs after Sunday...looking forward to that actually-it's like bunching up on all the week's episodes of your favourite programme to watch in one long sit in!
Feel free to take the poster & spread the word :)
I have to figure out what Fancy Dress I'll wear to the event..since I've been recently morphed with the computer & my eye circles are reaching my chin & my hair looks like a weathered Brillo pad I may turn up as Beetlejuice

Find us on facebook Mingle Mkt
or The Ferocious Mingle Market (Fan Pge)

This coming Sunday 13th June
& on the 2nd Sunday of each month thereafter 11am to 5pm
Dublin Co-op building
Newmarket Sq. Dublin 8
go to HERE for further info including map & buses

An indoor market with plenty of seating and a lovely café that serves up a selection of hot or cold beverages, & scrumptious wholesome foods
The Co-op's well stocked Food Store will also be open on marketday offering you a feast of Fairtrade & organic delicious foods . FREE parking to front of building
An eclectic Bazaar of stall candy. Our stall traders will have tons of stuff to tempt you with including FROM SOME VERY TALENTED ARTISTS
Art *Crafts *Antiques* Vintage Clothes* Jewellery*Steampunk* Retro and more!
~*FANCY DRESS *~mild to over the top will be most delightfully welcomed to stallholders & punters alike! Any excuse for dressing up we LOVE it...let's not wait 'til Halloween let's have some fun NOW and on the second Sunday of the month therafter.

~Find The Mingle~ a Treasure Hunt of sorts
(the secretly chosen 'thing' from one of the stalls-Rainey J & Jim & the trader whose stall has The Mingle will know) if purchased the buyer (stallholder or punter)becomes 'The Mingle Finder' a very prestigious accolade ;)& wins a PRIZE woohoo & a snazzy Mingle T-shirt & maybe we'll throw in a crown as well!

Visual entertainment & background music

All whilst you browse through interesting colourful stalls-a fantastical day out for all the family.

Hope to see you all there with bells on!

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Ferocious Mingle Market

Myself and Jim will be hosting The Dublin Co-op's newest independent indoor market event on 13th June.

~The Ferocious Mingle Market~

Dublin Co-op
Newmarket Sq
Dublin 8

A market , a fun gathering on the 13th June & on the second Sunday of every month eclectic selection of stall candy including antiques, vintage jewellery, retro homeware, lighting, vintage clothing, steampunk, art & crafts.
We'll have 'Find The Mingle' ... If you are The Mingle Finder or aspire to be( a very impressive accolade!;) )( purchase the secretly chosen item from one of the stalls) you win a fantastical prize! A treasure hunt of sorts!
Oh and don't forget that mild to over the top fancy dress by stall holders and punters alike will be most delightfully celebrated!

A ferociously grand affair.
go to HERE if you would like to apply for a stall & find out further info
Become a fan of The Ferocious Mingle Market on Facebook
Support The Dublin Co-op support the independant markets
Hoope to see you there on the 13th
& to all of you oversea petals,...well if visiting Dublin look us up ...second Sunday of every month!
Rainey & Jim

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Name it Win a Prize!

Hello there ...well this has been the longest break taken from posting since I began blogging over a year ago!I've been busy with markets and mayhem! My daughter, Jade is studying for her finals beginning on Thursday and when they're finished she will have accomplished her Arts Degree! I'm so utterly proud & impressed by her. When I had her 21 years ago I was living in Hammersmith in London. I was a kid really and was a little all over the place to be honest. Being so young and proud I was aware of people ,older and 'together' people making judgements on me. Judgements that only served to reinforce my determination to do everything myself which isolated me even further! -the silly bloody eejits! I made a promise to my little bundle that I would give her a good life and guide her into becoming a happy well educated young woman with options in life-and here she is -EXACTLY that! She's a precious, funny, smart ,kindhearted ,down to earth gem! (she will CRINGE when she reads this!)But this is waht Mothers DO eh?
At the time ie during the 80's I shared a large London townhouse with a big bunch of biker dudes and dudettes and artists & when Jade was born -(in this pic she is only 1 Day old)they were only alowwed into the ward two at a time by the nurses. It was SO funny seeing all these so called'tough ' guys standing in line with chocolates and flowers ! Real gentle giants. These were a couple of good friends of mine at the time Michael and Les. They were so good..they would babysit and not joking they would rock her to sleep in their bike helmuts!

- I didn't actually intend on writing about this but now that it's I have ah sure I'll leave it here to share with you my friends.

I had to really pull out all the stops to get her to allow me to put this picture of her up - She's usually a converse and jeans girl and was doing me a huge favour by modelling this vintage outfit for a shop pic. I think I bought her a ticket to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark in return for the favour!lol
Here is a new O*O*A*K (one of a kind) 'Steampunk Fantasia' piece that I've created using ONLY watch & pocketwatch parts -(NO charms)(except for the bail holding the chain). I was staring at the thousands of tiny pieces of watch parts and then saw the shapes I needed to make a bird come together(that's what happens when you drink two heaped spoons of coffee in a about 6 tablespoons of hot water!,- I can tell you that I nearly went cross-eyed putting this little piece together. So it's done now and I'm quite happy with it. I'm submitting this piece into the Steampunk Inspirations Book thing and who knows?- it may be in the published book. So mey dear Baggleys I'm wondering whether any of you could suggest a name for this piece.? There'll be a prize for the winning name. ..ah go on go on go on give a girl a breadroll for gawds sake!
Congrats to the giveaway winners and to all who entered my litlte bloggy prizegame. I know you haven't received your prizes as yet 'cos I only posted them the other day didn't I ...I'm an awful procrastinator -I know..but hopefully you'll be pleased when you three eventually receive them! TFE tomorrow sweetness you should get your T shirt! Katie & LuLu possibly Friday petals!
Thanks to Sharon at Plumrose Lane for the little Robin Button! You should- for those of you who haven't already - pop over to her site you won't want to leave it being filled to the brim with beautifully designed free graphics and tutorials!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Blog 3 Prize Giveaway!

I've decided to post a Blog Giveaway!-oh yeah-in celebration of the wonderous mystery of reaching 100 followers! Ca'n't believe it-I'm near to tears- that's cos there's somethin' stuck in mey eye!

So all you have to do if you'd like to have a go is to leave a comment letting me know in order of preference which one of three items you would prefer to have as 1st which as 2nd & which as 3rd choice should your name be the one pulled from the TopHAt. I'll have my Steampunk Stall at The Crafty Market Dublin on 4th April & this is where I'll ask a customer to dig deep & draw out a name at around 1pm so please have your name in for the draw by 11am on the 5th- maybe YOURS (photos of the draw will be uploaded when winner is announced on 5th))!There'll be THREE giveaways -
My Giveaway Button is up on the left for you to put onto your bloggy-thanks! & Thanks to Sharon over at Plumrose Lane for remindin' me!
*~A High Quality Gloss Print on sturdy card stock of my Alice in Wonderland painting(detail) 11" x17" approx
*~ One of my Steampunk Fantasia pendants ('Click Three Times')
*~A (size M up to size 14 European)) T-shirt (new)with print of my Cheshire Cat painting 'We're All Mad Here'(detail)

*~First name pulled- will win their 1st choice
*~Second name pulled will win one of the two remaining prizes according to preference
*~third name-remaining prize
Hope this is all clear now-sorry for any confusion Baggley dears!!
Thankyou for following my little bloggy, folks-& Good Luck!
~*UpDAte *~ Kristin over at Retro Café Art
is also having a really cool giveaway...pop over ! you won't be disappointed with her blog if by some tiny chance you haven't been there before!
Kori over at BLONDE EPISODES is having a sweet smelling giveaway to celebrate her having 350 followers! wow!.-imagine all those people following you around?!:) Click over & check out her fantastically chatty blog!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

For Everyone & especially for ;)my lovely English,French Buddies.xx

I just adore Irish comedian Dylan Moran. He is the funniest guy...I could listen to him & look at him ;) for days!Check out Dylan Moran -'The French' my very favourite....soooo'll love it.He has a skit on everyone 'Australians' 'Americans' & us Irish too in 'ACCENTS'.

~*~ HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY~*~Hope you're all being spoilt :)
***UPDATE***Ah sure I'll add in The French skit too ALWAYS puts me in a good mood ALWAYS

Thursday, 4 March 2010

'We're All Mad Here' Painting with added mixed media

We're All Mad Here'
Indeed we ARE! wooohoooo jump onto the bandwagon of wonderland!-it's a tad over populated but we can squeeze in more surely? Good gawd I'm spending WAY too much time online! I can feel my waffling about to we go..So much time just melting into the screen ...I have SO much to DO..So I'm going to post here once a week ..or so & do my VERY best to comment on all your lovely blogs. So sorry if I've not visited you ..I do look & read and oooh & ahh but I don't comment as much as I should,as much as I'd like to! Myself & Jim are still working on 'PAN' the furniture piece...we're surveying counter balance stuff a the moment ..very technical stuff yes's a heavy piece you see..we have to 'stop sticking on clumps of wood ffs -this thing could kill you!'I say....but we 'NEED to counter balance ffs' Jim says.

This is a painting I've just finished. I painted my wonky version of The CC & used various mixed media to add interest ie antique wire rimmed specs -securely wired to the back frame; vintage wallpaper 20's -a gift from my pal Alicia Altered Bits, vintage 50's magazine cut out of an eye -the right one (the left is handpainted-as is the rest of his face) gold leaf & 1920's music manuscript papers.

Secret Sunday

:)Delirah to say that I'll be one of the artists featured on *~The Altered Page 'Secret Sunday'~* this Sun 7th March. It's a fantastic inspiring idea of Seth's that offers to all who are interested, a visual gallery with lists of artists' work secrets, techniques & info. I heard of it via Jo over at The Crow Road. Both Jo & Alicia have also been featured on Seth's Secret Sunday.I think it'll be week 15 this week so if you haven't been then I advise that you get yourself a pen & paper!