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Sunday, 22 March 2009

'Leprechaun Coffee Bath' Paddy's Day

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh

This unfortunate Leprechaun(what's LEFT of him that is) tried too hard to integrate with the locals on St Patrick's Day by accepting a coffee which as we all know is lethal to the wicked little sprites...only the Uisce Beatha* & the Black Stuff *are safe options. He was probably a young 200 year old jack the lad with issues.

Upside, only three tragedies of this description were recorded at this years festivities.

Was this a case of suicide or a drunken bad decision or ...murder?

Any witnesses please call to city Garda Station and ask for the leprechaun mediation officer..Mike ..He'll take any info. you may have in any form ...Song, Limerick, Mime etc


Tri colour over park bridge St Stephen's Green ,Dublin City

College Green at Trinity College Dublin City


Erik Eblana said...

This is too funny! Looks like he's been liquidated like the Wicked Witch of the West...and only his little beard left. Poor thing.
Makes one think about the effects of over indugence in coffee.

dee said...

i see you're mixing humour with creativity dying to see your next picture if this is the combination you're using d

Anonymous said...

we're back. today we're back to work. lets try & win the lotto. I'd still do my shop but i could afford help. I'm still tired are u? i need a good a days retail therapy don't you?

sparklicous said...

hey, it's caitriona. i said i'd leave you a comment when i was in on saturday. i like the intro for your site, it's cute. if you need any help with your site let me know. perhaps we could barter our skills! i'll be at the tea party downstairs on sunday anyway, or email me. seeya then!

Cherryblossomgirl said...

Very witty...sparks off that American Beauty moment... The beauty of a bag in the wind..although that's not quite so funny, but both innovative!